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Jule Lane, MSW, LCSW

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A PathFinder helps you find your personal path towards living a healthy and joyful life. There are many paths to wellness, but one path is a better match for your unique personality and life experiences. Let me use my 25 years of experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to work with you to discover your path, so you can begin the  journey towards wellness sooner, rather than later.

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There are so many paths to wellness that it often feels overwhelming. Should I begin by getting help for my physical symptoms or my emotional ones? Do I need to treat my anxiety by learning stress management skills, or by getting massages, or by taking medication, or by changing my diet? I know I need support, but will they let me talk about God and my faith, or really listen to my story, or care about me as a person? All of these questions and concerns are the core reason You Define Wellness is using Pathfinders.

As a Pathfinder, I am here to make your job less stressful in finding the help you need. There are so many pieces to the puzzle of who you are that it is beneficial to have someone from outside your life, with experience in wellness, take the lead. Using a Pathfinder can be compared to a guide dog leading a blind person. The guide dog is familiar with the environment and knows the safest path to the end destination, just as myself as a Pathfinder is familiar with the diverse modalities available for treatment and is able to use your life experiences and personality to lead you safely to your best path to wellness.

You will begin by taking an Assessment, which will be used to create your unique path to wellness, connecting you to wellness providers who will help you achieve your wellness goals. Then we will meet quarterly to evaluate how well your path is working to achieve your goals. We will make changes as needed.

I am so excited to work with you to start you on your journey to living an authentic, joyful life! Let me utilize my 25 years of experience as a licensed, clinical social worker to support you in this process. My passion is assisting souls to connect to their true purpose in life and to find the needed resources to live it out. Email me at

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As a licensed clinical social worker, I have met all guidelines set by the Department of Regulatory Agencies. I am bound by a professional license that requires that I enter into a contractual relationship with clients for therapy sessions. Services to clients can be terminated when such services and relationships are no longer required or no longer serve the clients' needs or interests.

Social workers in fee-for-service settings may terminate services to clients who are not paying an overdue balance, if the financial contractual arrangements have been made clear to the client and if the clinical and other consequences of the current nonpayment have been addressed and discussed with the client. 

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