Introduction to Self-Emotional Resolution


Negative emotions are a part of life, they come and go. What happens when they do not go away. We can find ourselves stuck in anxiety, depression, anger, and fears. This can then cause us to feel withdrawn, aggressive, misunderstood, or to seek temporary comforts. We have the natural capacity to resolve these disruptive patterns quickly and permanently.

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Introduction to Self-Emotional Resolution Class

In this class, you will learn how to resolve emotional difficulties in the moment they are active in your body, the moment you are experiencing them.

Your subconscious is constantly watching your environment at tremendous speeds. It has a job to react with fight, flight, or freeze when it senses specific dangers from a past moment of trauma. This can cause those heavy emotional burdens, such as fear, anger, and anxiety.

Self-Emotional Resolution connects you to the origin of a stressful emotion through your physical sensations. These physical sensations provide a road map back to origin of this disruptive emotion. By learning to just observe these sensations from a safe and current place, the brain can integrate and allow the body’s natural capacity to update this obsolete emotional pattern.

The results are immediate, and permanent. Self-Emotional Resolution will allow you to live free from the heaviness of emotional burdens. Even intense emotions can be addressed without having to revisit the past trauma. The stress and emotions you feel in your day to day life stem from these past traumas. You do not have to revisit the original trauma to see success.

Isn’t Stress Normal?

These may feel like normal responses to events around you, but they do not need to continue to affect your life and your health. Learning Self-Emotional Resolution will resolve these stresses from your life and will allow you to process through your emotions quickly. You will feel calmer, and find you are able to communicate more clearly and efficiently in stressful situations.

Time: about 90 minutes


Heather Rutkowski, Certified Emotional Resolution Practitioner, CBP


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