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Inner Wisdom 1:1 Spiritual Mentorship Sessions

1:1 Spiritual Mentorship and Soul Companion Sessions designed to deepen your connection to you soul, your Inner Wisdom and you co-creation with the Divine.

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As children we are not taught how to access and trust our own Inner Wisdom, and over time we lose that born-with connection to our soul wisdom. Nor are we taught to have a co-creative relationship with our Divine. 

Over time we begin to take on the external world’s stories and our own experiences and forget who we are at a soul level. This influences our choices both big and small, and sets up our repeating patterns of being all things to all people, except OURSELVES. As a result we lose trust in our own wisdom, whether we realize it or not which results in putting our own self nourishment, creativity, sovereignty,Divinity, inner power, and joy last on the to-do list. We forget how to connect with our wisdom and our Divine. We begin to experience symptoms of being out of alignment with our souls and the Divine connection of trust, and receiving guidance. 

It is time you remembered who you are and how to connect to yourself and your Divine. 

You begin to stand in your own Inner Power and Sovereignty and understand that every choice you make can be one that is empowering for yourself and others, or it can be disempowering. You learn to live in harmony with your rhythms and the cycles of nature, and you design your life and business from a place of wisdom instead of re-action. 

Inner Wisdom-Inner Trust Coaching Sessions are 75 minute Virtual (via zoom) one on one coaching sessions that include spiritual, life, and creativity coaching and guidance. These sessions are designed to connect you to your Inner Wise self, access your Intuitive Intelligence and Soul Wisdom through experiential and creative practices, as well as to deepen your relationship with your Divine and your spirit in a co-creative way. We journey into how YOU relate to your Divine through what RESONATES FOR YOU through your own personal lineage…both known and unknown, and we activate the Feminine Wisdom in all of the traditions that has been kept hidden for millennia.

These are intuitive sessions designed to work with you wherever you are on your spiritual path, and to re-ignite your connection to your Inner Power, Creativity and Inner Authority. I am here as your mentor and your guide to remembering what already exists within you.

Sessions will include work to awaken to and release your past stories, so you can reclaim who you truly are and write your new stories through creative and energetic processes. The work we do together will also assist you in being aware of the patterns that serve you and the ones that don’t and create new patterns for your highest good. 

These sessions are designed to share wisdom, illuminate what you may not be able to see within yourself, both the light and the shadow and give you practices for loving all the parts of yourself. 

These sessions are NOT for you if you are unwilling to do your own Inner Work and commit to a lifelong practice of self-discovery and inner contemplation. 

Each session will be recorded and sent to you. For multiple session packages we meet every two weeks so that you have time to integrate the wisdom that came in for you and so that you have time to work with the experiential practices and contemplations.

In our sessions together, you begin to remember who you are at a soul level, learn how to access, listen to, trust, and act upon your own Inner Wisdom, as well as, connect with your Divine to receive guidance.

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