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Along the journey from disconnection to connection, it’s often helpful to have a guide who has walked that walk to illuminate different perspectives and options.

Have you ever paused to take a good hard look at your life and wondered how the hell you got here? Ever tried so hard to fit in with your peers, your family, your friends, your coworkers and the world at large by looking a certain way and doing everything you thought you were supposed to just to end up feeling unfulfilled, exhausted, downright depleted and sometimes worst of all, invisible? Are you caught on the shadow side of the feminist movement where you’ve taken on all the roles and responsibilities of the “just because we can means we should” culture only to know deep down in your core that this isn’t the life you wanted at all? Ever felt like you’re so busy managing the moving pieces of your life that you’ve forgotten to actually live your life?

If the only thing more overwhelming than living a life that feels so far away from what you actually want is the idea of trying to change it, then you’re in the right place.

If you can identify with anything I just mentioned, first I want to tell you that you’re not alone. Not by a longshot. For starters, I’ve been there. I spent a long long time there. It’s my personal belief that most of the world is walking around completely oblivious that every choice and decision they make is creating their reality, quite literally the life they’re living. Sure, there are absolutely things that are outside our control (hello COVID and pandemic, we see you), but the truth is most of us haven’t taken personal ownership or responsibility over the creation of our lives. That’s right, the creation of our lives. We like to blame others for our circumstances and wait for the almighty permission slip to make its way down the line before we make any sudden changes. The truth of the matter is we’re a product of our upbringing. Every experience, emotion and trauma we’ve either experienced first hand or saw someone else experience has shaped our reality and expectations for what our life could or should be. What we don’t realize is every person is living one template of life. This isn’t THE template, it’s A template, and there are an infinite number of templates out there, most that you’ll never even see or meet the people living those templates to experience what they look like. They’re there though.


What if I told you that together we can create a new template for your life going forward? What if I told you that it was all in your creation, and together we’d work to discover all the many possibilities for you to pick and choose and mold and shapeshift now and change going forward as you see fit? What if those choices didn’t need to be all one way or all the other, but instead an amazing mix of all the technicolor that exists in between and beyond? What if life could be…. fun? Speaking of which, when was the last time you had fun? Do you even remember how it felt?

The best part is…. what if I told you that you didn’t need to make any sudden, drastic changes?

Have you ever stared in amazement at a child or a puppy while they explored the world around them? Everything is new and fascinating to them! The blades of grass, the trees, paper, all the things we tend to overlook the older we get. In my experience, there is nothing more amazingly beneficial to your mental health to remedy exhaustion and burnout than good old fashioned fun, play and joy. We’re talking about finding that inner child inside you and letting them out to play. What would it feel like to walk outside and see the magic in the mundane? Seeing your old landscapes with new eyes? Having new conversations with the same people in your life? What if those conversations took on the energy of curiosity rather than judgement? What if you watched in amazement while someone cooks? Or creates art? Or gardens? What if YOU were that person you were watching in amazement at what you were creating? More importantly, what would it feel like to let go of the attachments, pressures and expectations of being an adult, and just leaned into the process and what it’s doing for your spirit rather than for the outcome? What if it was all different because of who you showed up to be in that life, rather than the outside being the things to change?

We aren’t talking about being reckless here, but we are talking about enjoying your human experience. Afterall, in the grand scheme of things, we’re only here for a short time. Don’t you want to enjoy every second you have? While your troubles might still be there regardless, what has the potential to change is what you do about them. Joy, fun and play unlock your intuition and creativity, and from there, possible solutions to the things that trouble you might start to flow seemingly out of thin air. If you think back, maybe real far back, I’d bet you know the experience I’m talking about. What if that happened more often? What if you were able to use it all to help support making regenerative choices – that’s to say, choices that are going to contribute to the life you want and fuel you with inspiration and vitality – so that you really can love your life?

If you have a sparkle in your heart, a deep pull to do life differently and are excited by the possibility, then let’s connect. I’d love to learn about you and see how we can create some magic together.

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