HeartWise Guide to Relationships

Are you finding yourself stuck in dissatisfying personal and relationship patterns? Join the HeartWise Community to gain fresh perspectives and learn helpful skills and tools.

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IN SESSION 1: As you grow and evolve, you move from codependency patterns to more life enhancing heartwise attitudes and behaviors that bring you closer and more trusting of your partner.

In this session, we will explore the 6 Elements of being HeartWise:


Speaking and listening in a dance with self-responsibility, assertion, and compassion

Resolving Conflicts:

Addressing one problem at a time while building trust and connection

Enjoying Each Other:

Dating, romance, sexuality, sensual pleasure, sharing power

Connecting Spiritually:

Attuning to self, Self, other, mindful, heartfelt and awakeness

Living Well:

Self-care and couple care, home/family care

Building dreams:

Individual and together aligning with what matters most, set intention, give attention, remove tension

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