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Healthy Grocery Store Tour

One 30 to 45-minute walkthrough of a grocery store to give you some insights and new ideas for a shopping trip to help you eat healthily and stay happy!

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Be More Efficient (and HEALTHY) When You Shop at the Grocery Store
You will learn a lot in just a
30-45 minute session at a local grocery store in Madison or Willy St. Co-op!

We can do this virtually via zoom or via a Facebook messenger video call or in person.  I will shop with you and answer your questions about all things food.  Possibly opening up a whole new side of the store to you.   

What You’ll Learn During Our Grocery Store Tour
Did you know everything at your local Co-op is not healthy? Maybe you want to find a slightly healthier option of a product you usually buy or you want more veggies in your cart?  

Here are some things you might learn:

  • What should I buy fresh and where can I save meal prep time and still eat healthily?
  • How to pick out produce
  • What kind of fish are healthy?
  • How to read labels
  • Good fermented food choices
  • What to buy at the deli and what not to buy
  • Why buy local
  • What to choose for healthy fats
  • Where to find healthy snacks

If you are excited to schedule this right away, go ahead and give me a call, and we can get started right away: 608-213-7727 (Michelle Jolly)

Or, to find out more about how I can help you with your health goals, go to

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