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Comprehensive nutrition assessment techniques may include (but not limited to):

  • Symptom Survey analysis
  • Hands-on nutritional exam
  • Physical observations – hair, face, nails, mouth, skin, etc
  • Blood, urine and/or hair tissue analysis:
    • Blood reveals relatively more biochemistry
    • Urine measures infection, protein, blood (RBC), pH, sugar, and liver markers
    • Tissue/hair reveals relatively more physiology and toxicity  Mostly
      minerals are measured well in hair. Reveals early stage imbalance.
  • Page Body Measurements (also known as Endocrinograph or Anthropologicgraph)
    • Determines one’s inherited glandular patterns
  • Weekly dietary intake log
  • Home tests done by the client

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Digestion, Hormones, Life Balance, Nutrition, Self-Care, Stress

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