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Guts with Grace for BusinessWomen

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You Came Into This Life to Get to Know Your Soul, Not Sell It…

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Embodying Professional Confidence and Leadership-become the strong, successful businesswoman that you want to be, while staying in your Feminine and having a self-confident, powerful presence.

~Do you walk into a room, own it and are proud of it OR do you internally shrink for fear of being judged, criticized and marginalized by others?
~Are you aware that your core unconscious beliefs in yourself effect your verbal and non-verbal communication skills, which determine your leadership
~Would you agree that your self-confidence and your presence in a room effect your sales and business success?

What if you were the ONE in a meeting whose input is anticipated & respected because of your centered authenticity?

Here’s the deal:
When women embrace the power of feminine centered creativity and emotional intelligence, balanced with the masculine ability to focus and take decisive action — they excel in every way in their lives. It creates a confident, powerful presence that attracts their ideal clients, makes them superior leaders, delivers extraordinary performance and results.
Since creativity and innovation are crucial for entrepreneurs and companies to get and stay ahead of their competition, empowering women to develop these aspects of themselves is crucial! Being your best in life and business comes when you integrate mindset changes, attitude adjustments, power posture and taking care of your body to enable you to operate at peak levels!

When you work with Tracy, you will learn the 12 easy, powerful must-haves and that will help you find that elusive “balance” and accomplish what you want in your life…

Month 1:  Confidence, Personal Power
~Confidence is self-assurance arising from your appreciation of your own abilities.
~Personal power is internal strength and conviction, knowing who you are and bringing that unique self and confidence to everything you does.
~People with high levels of confidence and personal power achieve high levels of productivity and effectiveness in the workplace.

Month 2:  Self-Awareness, Presence
~Conscious knowledge of your own strengths and deficiencies, ability to utilize them effectively within your role as well as your personal values, needs
and wants and the ability to effectively communicate them as a leader and strong team member

Month 3:  Understanding Boundaries
~Closeness creates trust. Trust is crucial for effective workplace relationships. It is also crucial to establish clear limits and guidelines in a way that
preserves the professional relationship above all else.

Month 4:  Connection and Communication
~Connection to oneself and to the present moment is crucial to make good decisions based on what is
most important right now.
~Communicating from this place of internal clarity with impeccability (Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Do what you say you are going to do.)
creates a strong foundation for harmonious workplace relationships, leading to ever increasing effectiveness in everyway.
~Clarity, confidence and personal power effects how you communicate your message as well as how it is received.

Month 5:  Personal Presence vs. Body Language
~A person’s presence in the world is a reflection of their internal abundance and personal power.
~Our posture, our movement, how we take care of ourselves body-mind-emotion-spirit, is the reflection of our internal abundance and we communicate
it to everyone in all of our interactions.
~Body Language is a way of placing one’s body and it doesn’t address the underlying things holding a person back and contributing to their lack of
confidence and personal power.

Month 6:  Being Seen vs Invisible
~A person’s presence and how they are seen by the rest of the world is a reflection of how they are taking care of themselves.
~Personal Style…

Month 7: Focus > Significance, Effectiveness
~Focus is having clear vision and comprehension.
~Focused and centered people with high levels of Personal Power strive for appreciation, satisfaction and meaning in their interpersonal world,
regardless of their environment.

Month 8:  Social Responsibility > Significance, Engagement
~Our road-blocks don’t lie in any personal failing; they trace back to what our culture has taught us
~Move beyond the exhaustion and learn to do embrace and embody YOUR knowing, regardless of what is happening around you.

Month 9:  Emotional Intelligence, Intellectual Intelligence
~ Feminine-Inward Energy-Emotional
~mental and emotional healing, pausing to gain clarity, softness, waiting, patience, beauty, inspiration, empathy, intuition, confidence, motivated,
nuanced, going deeper, feeling, knowing, moods, gut, trusting, believing, vulnerable
~Masculine-External Energy-Intellectual
~action, focus, train-track, thinking, analyzing, studying, intellectualizing, justifying, evaluating, rationalizing, realistic, logical, research,
implementation, force, controlling, the hustle

Month 10:  Self-Care, Gratitude
~Choose what is best for you: second to second, minute to minute, day to day, year to year…
~Open to it all…

Month 11:  Whole Life vs Work and Home
~How we do everything is how we do everything

Month 12: Integration and Evolution (this is included in the package pricing!)
~Stepping out and Stepping in

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