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Watch videos of Kelly Haugh so you can get to know her. Compassionate, fascinated by the science of the gut-brain axis and mental wellness, passionate about helping others overcome mental illness, gut disorders, overwhelm, stress, anxiety and depression.

These are all things that she helped herself with and her family, now it’s your turn to get help — from Kelly Haugh, Certified Health Coach! Please check out her coaching programs and her new book after watching these videos!

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Attraction Mindset and Your New Life — Great inspiration, great advice

Managing Stress and Improving Your Immunity — Interview, an overview of the gut-brain connection

How to Reach Your Health Goals — Interview, being accountable, and implementing changes

Keep Away the Cold and Flu Gremlins — Interview by Denise O’Malley on “An Apple a Day”

Leaky Gut: Trendy New Health Phase or Something More? — Interview, “Defining Wellness Confab” hosted by Denise O’Malley of You Define Wellness

Wednesday’s Women in Business — Interview with Angela Alter

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