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Free Workshop to: Go from Overwhelmed Overachiever to Purposeful Powerhouse



Ready to go from overwhelmed overachiever to purposeful powerhouse?

Join us on Wednesday August 24th for a free workshop to finally flow into a wellness practice that works for YOU. Learn the 3 essential keys to “Wake the Warrior Within” so you can take charge of your focus, mind, and energy!

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Hello amazing woman out there charging after life:

Trying all the new workouts and Yoga styles but quickly getting burnt out or busted up by them and stopping.

With so many positive “pump me UP” post it notes on your mirror it’s a wonder you can even see yourself in it any more.

Knowing that: “you’re a spiritual being having a human experience” but constantly getting tripped up by the negative shitty committee in your head that says otherwise.

Leaving you with the nagging disappointment that you’re not looking after yourself the way you want to be and that totally stings.

So….rather than pacing back and forth like a hungry tigress trapped in a cage of busy-ness and trying really damn hard luckily you’ll be thrilled to learn that there’s a MUCH EASIER way.

Many people don’t realize that behind the Warrior poses in Yoga is an ancient story filled with PASSION, unshakable COURAGE, and DRIVE to forge a new path towards a powerful mission.

Within this story lie the 3 essential keys to help you:

???? #1: Activate the subtleties of the poses and unlock the potent teachings and tools that await you for use on AND off the mat

???? #2: Leverage your time by doing one session that will strengthen your body and mind simultaneously to give you vibrant holistic health

???? #3: Learn to intentionally direct your life from a place of deep knowing and trust by taking charge of your focus and true power

CLICK HERE to learn how to WAKE THE WARRIOR WITHIN and reclaim control of your energy, time, and mind.

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