Emotional Resolution

Anger, claustrophobia, anxiety, depression, and even chronic
pains and illness can affect our overall health greatly.  It is important
that you have the tools every day to deal with stress and disruptive
emotions.  I am here to help guide you along your healing path.

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Emotional Resolution addresses emotional difficulties such as anger, anxiety, claustrophobia, anxiety while driving, phobias, depression, and overall stresses that you feel triggered by. Even chronic health conditions and aches and pains can be addressed using Emotional Resolution.

Every day we deal with emotions and stresses. Do you find yourself using techniques to calm your emotions, but when the triggers reappear, your stress is back?  Using techniques such as deep breathing and meditation can be very helpful in the moment, but the next time the trigger happens again, you will feel the difficult emotion come back to the surface. Emotional Resolution allows the body to recognize and integrate the sensory imprints that are being triggered by your subconscious during these stressful moments. These are those Fight, Flight, and Freeze moments. By paying attention to these sensations, they will be integrated back into the body. It is like a reset for your body, and the next time the stressful situation appears you will continue to feel a sense of calm with no trigger.

You do not need to continue to feel triggered into uncomfortable stresses from situations in your life.  All humans have the natural ability to calm these sensory imprints in our bodies. This natural ability called Emotional Resolution (EmRes) is described as viscero-somatic quieting, which connects you to the origin of the difficult emotion through your physical sensations.

You will never revisit a past trauma or moment to resolve your difficult emotions. Each EmRes session focuses on a specific emotional stress. Even intense emotions can be addressed and resolved without having to revisit the past traumas. The stress and emotions you feel in your day to day life stem from these past traumas. By addressing the causes your day to day life that create your difficult emotions, you clear those past sesory imprints.

There is no need to continue to live with anxiety, anger, PTSD, or even chronic aches/pains or autoimmune issues. EmRes can help you to improve your life to a calmer state with less daily tensions. 

Session Via Zoom  $90.00 (Savings Package of three sessions $255)

Heather Rutkowski, Certified Emotional Resolution Practitioner, CBP




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