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Embodied Confidence

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You Came Into This Life to Get to Know Your Soul, Not Sell It…

Does this sound familiar?

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You Came Into This Life to Get to Know Your Soul, Not Sell It…

Does this sound familiar?

~You have (consciously and unconsciously) heard your ENTIRE life that taking care of yourself and NOT putting others before you is SELFISH. You have
measured yourself and your worth according to something outside of you for as long as you can remember. You have no idea who you truly are
outside of what you have been told you SHOULD be.
~You are over it.
~You are tired of being tired, in pain, overwhelmed, feeling guilty, or simply tired of being fearful and stressed.
~You are tired of carrying around excess weight.
~You are ready to take control of your life.
~You are willing to commit to yourself WHILE creating better relationships with others

There will never be “the perfect time”. YOU get to decide that it is your time.

Uncover and embrace YOUR BEST HEALTH EVER and the life that works for you personally.

Take control of your life, your energy level and your mental health. Lose the weight, change your relationship with your body, and keep it off. Have more love and unshakable confidence. Anchor your unequivocal Embodied Confidence and grounded sense of self so you are ready for what comes next, no matter what.

This is your time, seize it!

Everyone wants to live their favorite life. We all strive to uncover what that means: How do we find our clarity, confidence and personal path forward?
That path can often be elusive, popping in and out of sight, confusing and frustrating us. How do we overcome these feelings?
What if there’s a way to embrace and even welcome them?

Throughout my life’s journey, I have come to understand time and time again, our road-blocks don’t lie in any personal failing; they trace back to what our culture has taught us. What feels “normal” to us may well be disconnection… from nature, from other humans, and from our bodies.
Disconnection from our bodies means disconnection from our personal truths.

“So how do I change this?”, you ask. The answer is simple and not easy – you need to go back to basics. The basics are exactly what we reconnect you to when you coach with me. Schedule a quick call with me for a taste of the changes we will make for you!

You can continue to do the things that you have always done OR you can invest in yourself and DECIDE to have the life, body, business and relationships that light your soul on fire!

Believe it or not, you have the keys to control your life and your energy level, you simply need to learn them! What brings you joy, pleasure, love, health & true happiness? You are different than any other human…why should your choices, work-out, body, business or your life look like anybody else’s?

The healthier your BODY is, the easier it is to manifest what you want in this reality. CHOOSE WISELY!

This program is for the growth-focused person seeking a centered and powerful life. In our work together, we get you to the Captivating, Vibrant, Happy, Powerful Self in the world place that you deeply desire: that place where you truly BE more confident in your own skin and in your life.

Combining personal power with savvy life skills is key to creating Personal Power, Captivating Presence and Embodied Confidence. Together we build your capacity to refine and maintain the powerful, yet delicate, balance of your richly multifaceted life.

Find this Authentic and Confident place for yourself: Believe, Trust and Embody that you can and you can!

Most people know there’s a disconnect stopping them from having what they desire in their lives, completely showing up full on and/or from choosing better for and within themselves. That said, they have absolutely no idea what it is. The bottom line is, it’s different for everybody~finding where and what it is for YOU is your key to illuminating your blindspots, unlocking your doors…and moving through your walls. It is absolutely true that we have everything within ourselves, we just often don’t trust knowing what we know, much less trust our bodies, because so many people have the misconception that they have betrayed us in some way!

So many people are not open and willing to do whatever it takes to bring in what they truly desire for themselves…are you?!

Signature Coaching Program:

Uncover and Act On What Works for You PERSONALLY!
Take Control of Your Life-Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit.
BE your Captivating, Vibrant, Sensual Self!

In this customized program we meet, we talk, we move, we do the work to dig into YOU to really find the areas that show up as things you need right now.

Each Month Offers:
2 in-person, virtual or phone private meetings.
A video with insights into the focus of the month.
Online self-work delving into the focus of the month and how it relates with you personally.
2 email check-ins (regarding the self-work) a month.

This program is PERFECT for speakers looking to explode their business and exude Captivating Presence!

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