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eBook: Mind Your Gut


Mind Your Gut: Power Up Your Immune System, Stress Resilience & Mental Wellness Through Your Gut-Brain

This book is a great resource to learn tools for how to de-stress, reduce overwhelm, anxiety and depression, and take back control of your gut health. It’s all tied in together!

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Mind Your Gut: Power Up Your Immune System, Stress Resilience, & Mental Wellness Through Your Gut-Brain

This book will surprise you, as it ties together the connection between food, mood, mental wellness, and digestive disorders. At the end of each chapter, there is a Stress Buster for you to try so you can make small changes in your lifestyle to take back your health and mental wellness.

Stress resilience is achievable, and with this book, you will learn lifelong tools to reduce anxiety, feel better, and take life by the horns.

The author, Kelly Haugh, shares her experiences with mental illness, stress, leaky gut, and so much more. Read about her trials and tribulations and how she overcame through natural medicine and nurturing her gut-brain connection.

Kelly’s son had anger management issues, and her daughter has autism. Both kids are doing very well, now, thanks to the gut-brain axis science, as well as the life tools Kelly uses to help them (and her clients).

You will even get a recipe for how to make your own fermented food at home from scratch!

Stop stressing out and read this book! You will be glad you did!

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