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Do You Feel Like You’re Losing Control of Your Health? Regain It With a Wellness Pathfinder Consultation

Are you chalking aches and pains up to old age? Or is that what you are being told?

Rita Shimniok used to think the same thing…experiencing chronic pain through much of her 40s. Now in her late 50’s Rita is “living intentionally from experience”, which has become her life’s mantra. Through her years of experiences in not only having aches and pains, being overweight and borderline diabetic – Rita has learned that the journey to wellness is not found on just one path, but via a number of paths and modalities. This lesson was extremely important when Rita cared for her husband diagnosed with late-stage cancer. The body is not simply a physical presence but is a complex intertwining of physical, emotional, and spiritual pathways.

A Wellness Pathfinders Consultation with Rita includes a Wellbeing Assessment that you will conduct online prior to our appointment.

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Rita’s journey to wellness began in 2010. With the milestone of turning 50 looming, she decided she did not want to require care by her children when they were in the prime of their lives. She had a number of health issues and many aches and pains. Rita made the decision to turn her health around, which she did. When friends noticed her transformation, which included going down four pant sizes and losing 80 lbs., they began asking her for help. Rita began offering lifestyle consultation services and launched Purely Living Wellness and has enjoyed helping both women and men lose the aches so they can enjoy life more fully.

Years later in her husband’s cancer journey, Rita learned about the Qest4 Bio-Energetics system, the most advanced bio-resonance device available in functional medicine today.  In 2015 she made the decision to invest in the equipment and obtain certification as a practitioner. She now offers Qest4 scanning services for people and pets throughout the United States.


Rita believes that all dis-ease of the body has a root cause issue or imbalances that remain unaddressed. She doesn’t believe that popping another pill provides an answer, and may actually contribute to even greater imbalances in the body. Rita believes that taking a pro-active, rather than reactive, approach to one’s health is the best health insurance one can have. Holistic wellness practitioners can help!


Through her own research, which began with studies on hormonal imbalances and endocrine disruptors, Rita learned that daily exposure to toxins, which extend beyond food ingredients, play a role in unhealthy aging (inflammation, indicated by aches and pains).  She learned to make educated choices in both food and products and also learned to assess her home environment. Based on life experiences and continued studies on the prominent diseases of today: Alzheimer’s, Lyme Disease, and cancer to name a few, her website provides informative articles to foster her passion to empower others with knowledge.


Rita is a self-professed “foodie”, and began converting favorite family recipes to gluten and dairy-free versions when she made the connection that her son’s acne and chronic sinus issues were connected to gluten and dairy intolerances.  During her husband’s cancer journey she also had to learn to make family meals that also eliminated processed sugars and other ingredients that promote cancer cell growth. Recipes are available on her website.

Rita loves hiking in the outdoors and gardening. In the past five years, she has begun to not only forage for wild edibles but has also studied the medicinal benefits of plants – including those believed to be useless weeds! She organically grows not only vegetables but herbs that stretch beyond culinary uses. In 2020, Rita realized that others, besides her own family, could benefit from the herbal tinctures she has been making, and began to offer her small-batch crafted tinctures for sale to the public on her website. She plans to take friends along on virtual journeys into her backyard come spring 2021 to share what is growing and what it can do for your health.

Gardening and working with plants brings her peace and joy, and helps her reground to the earth? Are you feeling disconnected from the earth? Perhaps the first step in your wellness journey is as simple as allowing dirt to get under your nails, or going barefoot in the grass – you may be surprised at how wonderful it feels! 

If you would like to chat with Rita she would be happy to listen to your concerns and help you find your own path to wellness. Please send her an email at

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