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Corporate wellness programs don’t have to be complicated or expensive!  Wellness-in-a-Box is as simple as it gets: wellness talks from our experts through monthly group programs, employee access to healthy living discounts on products and services, and an annual Healthy Living Employee Fair!

Price indicated is per participating employee, per YEAR.  Indicate the number of employees you wish to provide this to in the pricing field below.


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If you are looking for a corporate wellness program with games, contests, challenges, fitness trackers, cool apps, and biometrics… we are not the program for you.

We are a much simpler concept…

We excel at delivering education and access solutions for those seeking a happy, healthy & thriving life and bringing them together with the experts who can show them the way.


  • Monthly* Wellness Talk at one location, either in person or virtually, from our Wellness Talks catalog (select Benefit Plan / Wellness-in-a-Box corporate);
    • Includes Wellness Talks Coordination Services ($99 value);
  • Employee Needs Analysis to identify interests and employee needs, wants, and desires and increases employee participation for the Wellness Talks ($550 value); and,
  • Annual Workplace Healthy Living Fair at one location or virtual (min. $499 value);
  • Each enrolled employee will receive one Healthy Living Savings Card ($99 value) that never expires, can be shared with family members, and used unlimited times in a month!

* Semi-monthly and weekly Wellness Talks options are available.


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Pre-Launch Checklist

When you sign up for the corporate Wellness-in-a-Box, you can expect…

  • An initial consultation between you and one of the You Define Wellness team members to determine goals for the year, expectations, timeline and employee launch.
    • Questions for the Employee Needs Analysis Survey will be discussed… the survey is a critical component of overall success of your program.
  • You Define Wellness will prepare a suggested announcement letter for employees under company management signature.
  • Initial group meeting is scheduled and held with employees to communicate the new wellness program and explain its benefits.
  • We will present to you the in-depth analysis of the survey results with suggested educational programs.



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Employer Agreement

We hereby agree to offer the You Define Wellness (YDW) WELLNESS IN A BOX (WellBox) for the benefit of our employees.  Depending on the plan we have selected the WellBox plan consists of:

  • 1x MONTH: An in-depth employee survey & needs analysis, eleven group wellness education classes delivered monthly, one annual Health Fair for employees, family members, and/or clients mid-year, and a Healthy Living Savings Card per enrolled employee based on quantity specified at application.
  • 2x MONTH: All of the above plus one additional Experiential wellness education class per month.
  • 4x MONTH: All of the above PLUS an extra wellness education or Experiential wellness education class per month AND a monthly meditation/mindfulness class.

We agree that this program will remain in effect for one year from the program start date and will automatically continue as of the renewal date indicated above and all subsequent years until terminated in writing by us.  We understand that the rates stated in this Agreement are valid for the initial plan year only; the rate may be adjusted by YDW prior to subsequent plan years.

We understand it is our responsibility to notify YDW of any additional new hires to include in this program and will be invoiced a pro-rata plan rate for said new employees.

We understand enrollment in WellBox is an honor-based system and a list of eligible and enrolled employees is not requested by YDW.  We also understand that if more employees attend wellness education classes or the annual Health Fair than was specified on the application, we will be invoiced $10 per additional per person, per event.

We understand this program is not subject to COBRA or State Continuation but have the right to offer it as a benefit to former employees in accordance to our internal applicable procedures.

By submitting payment herein, we acknowledge that the YDW program has been explained in full, that YDW is not an insurance program nor is it a replacement for traditional medical insurance, and we fully accept and subscribe to all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.


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“Many of our employees became telecommuters during COVID-19 and want to continue working from home.  How can Wellness in a Box help us maintain our corporate wellness commitment?”

Excellent question!  A very large component of our wellness education catalog is live, webinar based education so working with your telecommuting employee base is not an issue.  In fact, we have – at last count – about 5 dozen topics currently created by our network providers and can create new programs just by asking the hundreds of providers in our network to design a topic to meet your needs!

“Not all of my employees will use the Healthy Living Savings Card; can I just purchase enough cards for those who will use them and still get the other benefits?”

Yes, however an additional fee will apply for excess attendees to the monthly wellness education programs and the annual Health Fair ($10 extra per attendee) although there is an exception to this rule.  Exception: At the annual Health Fair, we do not count family members of employees or your invited clients in the head count.

Example: You have 70 employees but you signed up for 30.  If 50 people show up for a monthly wellness education class, we will invoice you $200 (20 additional x $10).

“If we have a specific need for education that is not listed in your wellness education catalog, can you accommodate our need?”

It is highly probable that we can accommodate your needs.  Our provider network is extensive and diverse with a wide range of skills and education.  We will reach out to our network to find someone qualified and willing to meet your needs.  In our history, we have not been unable to fulfill a special request.

“Can we still continue our own wellness traditions (i.e. annual Fitness Challenge) if we have the Wellness in a Box?”

Absolutely!  We honor the traditions you have in place that employees may wish to continue.  If you would like to consult with us to see how we might be able to add value to your traditions or events, simply ask for help.

“When we sign up, do we need to seed you an employee census?”

No, we work on the honor system and off the number of employees you disclose on the application.  The number of employees you state will determine the number of Healthy Living Savings Cards we issue and used for a headcount for the activities we offer.

“Are you willing to coordinate Wellness in a Box activities with our employee benefits insurance agent?”

Absolutely!  Simply introduce us to your employee benefits insurance agent and we’ll take it from there.

“I’m a property manager; how could Wellness in a Box work for my tenants?”

We’d love to brainstorm this with you!  But here is a thought…

    • Whether you manage an office building or apartment complex, you can offer Wellness in a Box to your tenants as benefits for their employees or residents with group education and the annual Health Fair for all tenants combined.
      • We would have to discuss how the cost would be handled.  Will it be cost/shared with tenants? How will that work?


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Refund Policy

Network Member/Member+: Declination of Appointment. In the event applicant for Network Member is declined for any reason, the initial Network Member fee paid will be returned to applicant less payment processing fees. In the case of Network Member+ declination, fees paid will be returned less due diligence expenses incurred by YDW. The application fee is non-refundable.

Products sold by You Define Wellness: All sales are final.

Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

Network Member/Member+: Continuation of Membership.  Network Member may terminate the Agreement, with or without cause, with or without providing reasons for termination, upon providing YDW with thirty (30) days prior written notice.

Products sold by You Define Wellness:

  • Monthly employee benefit programs:  We request thirty (30) days prior written notice; however, failure to remit payment on our monthly invoice will constitute termination of the program.

General Inquiries

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