Coaching – Complimentary Discovery Session

Are all the swirling thoughts, never-ending tasks, and worry loops keeping you from enjoying life?

Do you find yourself numbing out with Netflix, food, drinks, or just ‘being busy”?

I feel you – I get it!  And, I know there is another way to live – it’s possible!

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Coaching addresses you as a “whole person” focusing on what is important to you.  In all areas of your life – personally and professionally.

It’s your “protected time” where you focus on creating your desired changes.  Changes that will last.

It is where YOU give yourself PERMISSION to live a life aligned with you you truly are.

Safe – Confidential space to: 

  • get honest and real about what you want to change
  • break free from your limiting thoughts and suffocating rules
  • get clarity for your expansion and growth

Clients commit to coaching for:

  • work/life balance challenges
  • feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and burnt out from taking care of everyone and everything
  • career & job challenges
  • career transition
  • going after a big dream or goal
  • relationship frustrations
  • disconnection from self; low self-confidence
  • stress & anxiety
  • finding their voice to speak up for themselves

Complimentary Discovery Session

Let’s jump on a complimentary 45 min call so you can experience what coaching is all about.  You may already know what you want to work on and that is great!  Or, you may want to do a little exploration to find your path, and I’ll guide you through.

An important part of your discovery session is to see if we are a match to work together on your journey.  I would be honored to be that person for you if it feels right and it is meant to be.

This is a zero pressure environment for you to explore, try it out, and get some clarity on whatever’s on your mind.  

Client Love: 

“Who knew loving oneself was such a radical act? And to find self-love, there is no better pilot than Emily.  I was suffocating in my job, relationships, and life and felt genuinely without happiness nor hope when I started working with Emily. To say she flipped my life 180 degrees would be a dire understatement. Emily steadily yet gently directed me to face some of my biggest challenges and anxieties. She provided strong guidance when surfacing my unconscious self-sabotage and reassurance as I took my first wobbly steps into self-care and love. I simply cannot believe the transformation within myself in 8 months. It is not hard to see the numerous positive changes coaching has provided in my life. Emily helped me write the map to a happy future.” –   Katie – Wisconsin

“Emily is a great coach! She’s warm, inviting and with her calm demeanor, she’s able to bring you to a place of calm. Thank you, Emily, for making me feel important and worthy.”  –  Pam – Illinois

 “Emily is a gifted coach. Her warm demeanor and empathetic style immediately put me at ease. Working with Emily allowed me to overcome my fears and give myself the permission to move forward in ways that felt both authentic and liberating.”   – Karen – Ohio

Emily was a truly compassionate coach, who cleared my thoughts and empowered me to follow through.”  –   Paola – Columbia

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