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Book me for a phone call, video conference or meeting to help you start making positive and healthy changes in your personal and professional life!

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If you’re looking to improve your health, wellness, career or organization, but aren’t sure where to start, are feeling stuck or need more guidance, Passion Fit can help!

  • Based on my certifications and training in health coaching, fitness, nutrition, yoga/mindfulness, behavior change, employee wellbeing and professional strengths-based coaching, Bachelor’s degree in Business, Master’s degree in Communications, 20+ years of experience working in corporate America and entrepreneurship and over 5 years of being a trained facilitator, I work with individuals and organizations to provide personal and professional development consulting and coaching services. My goal is to support, empower and inspire you and/or employees within your organization to live up to your full potential by leading an active, healthy, balanced, productive and successful lifestyle.
  • Using my 7-step holistic approach to wellness, we’ll unlock your strengths to help you transform your career, family and life by incorporating consistent exercise, nutritious meals, restful sleep, a positive mindset and mindfulness practices, tools for productivity, engagement and professional growth, regular self-care and time for those who matter most in your life.
  • Feel free to reach out with your questions, challenges and goals and book me for a free introductory call, followed by a session or series of sessions by phone, video conference or in person if you and/or your organization are local.
  • Based on our discussions, I can help you and/or your organization develop a solid, results-driven and customized plan to achieve your goals and live your best life yet!

Cost: Free 15-minute consult call, followed by $100 per one-hour session per person or $500 for a package of six one-hour sessions per person, including consultation and follow up support!

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