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Strengths Based Coaching for Entrepreneurs

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This coaching program is based on the Gallup Organization’s Clifton Strengths methodology with 5 decades of coaching experience backing it. Clifton Strengths is scientifically validated and is based on over 25 million individual assessments worldwide.

Requirements: Participants take the Clifton Strengths Assessment and share the results with coach Ed Bostick.

Outcome: Increase your performance by identifying and strengthening your unique talents.

  • People that focus on using their strengths are 3 x more likely to have an excellent quality of life.
  • 21% of employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.
  • In the best organizations, when compared with their peers, employees who received strength-based development were found to have up to 18% increased performance.

Program Structure:
The Clifton Strengths program is 24 weeks. With the opportunity to continue on a monthly basis.
– Week one introduces Clifton Strengths.
– Week two reviews your strengths based on your assessment.
– Subsequent weeks are two 30-minute coaching sessions per week. These sessions develop your unique (1 in 33 million) Talent profile into your unique Strengths, which is the most efficient route to getting the job done with near-perfect outcomes.

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