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Breathing techniques that will help people feel that they are getting the full breath they are looking for while being active.

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Do you get tired doing housework? Would you like to bike more but you’re just too tired? Want to improve your stamina during any activity? That’s what the Primal Air Performance Breathing system is all about. Following the techniques and protocols from Buteyko Clinic International and the book The Oxygen Advantage we can help you feel like you can get more air.

Meet with our practitioners for five weeks to learn how to straighten out your breathing to improve stamina. The Buteyko breathing was developed to help those with asthma. Call today to schedule your breathing retraining, so you can shop, vacuum, shovel the driveway this winter, or go the extra distance on your bike, hike, walk, basketball game, boxing, mountain climbing or anything else you want to do.

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