Bridging Fear to Freedom

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Are you looking for something more? You may not know what it is, you just know that you want more than you currently have? Maybe you know what you want, yet you are unclear on how to get it? In this 6-week group program, you will gain massive awareness around who you are when you are in fear and you will know forward steps to take to move you to live in freedom.

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It is normal to want more. It is not selfish to want to better your life. This life is meant to be joyful. Wanting enjoyment and passion for your life is good.

Fearless Generations has a 6-week study class for you that will get you clarity on what your “more” is and how to start walking towards it.

This class will provide awareness and the skills you will need to take action. If you are ready, this class has the power to change your life and shift your trajectory.

​Come join us, cross over to the freedom side.

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Emotions/Counseling, Leadership/Success, Life Tools/Misc

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2 months, Add 1 month

ESC Program Specifics

POINTS FOR THIS PROGRAM: 50 points per month

LENGTH OF PROGRAM: 2 months (6 weeks)


FORMAT: Group meetings


GROUP COACHING: The group program meets for 6 Saturdays at 7am Pacific Time (7am PT | 8am MT | 9am CT | 10am ET).  Reading and exercises will be required each week.  There will be partner work and check-ins during the week.





Terry A. Sayre, an Advanced Certified Fearless Living Coach and Advanced Certified Fearless Trainer, alongside with her partner and daughter Kelly Fox, an Advanced Certified Fearless Living Coach and Certified Fearless Trainer, bring you from where you are to where you want to be. They support you to
master your fear through skills and tools of Fearless Living, created by Rhonda Britten.

They teach these skills in workshops and on their weekly podcast, where they share the 12 Steps to Freedom.

Terry, a retired elementary school teacher of 40 plus years, city council member, and mother to 5, grandmother to 21, and great-grandmother to 4, has a lot of life experience to pull from as well as knowledge to share.

Kelly has been a coach for 15 plus years and is kept busy with her 6 children.

These women are of different generations, they are raising different generations and their goal is to get you fearless regardless of your age. They know that as you implement the tools that they teach you, you’ll be able to have more confidence, be less frustrated, and take action on the things you have been procrastinating.



It’s a breath of fresh air. I love the insights. I’m always taking away something new.
Karyn Morton, San Jose

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