Breathe as if Inspired by Life… and Thrive!

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Breathing is something that happens to each of us, yet few give it much attention. In this experiential session, author and educator Sharon Harvey Alexander will guide you through activities designed to elevate your awareness of how you breathe and how to refine that so you can cultivate the inspiration needed to live your best life.

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Learn how to spend just a few minutes every day connecting with an effective breath and you will move beyond merely surviving each day as your life unfolds, to thriving. Do you struggle with sleep issues, digestive trouble, or the ramifications of a busy or unfocused mind? Learn to breathe. If you want to connect with your higher self, uplevel your self-care, enhance your relationships, and experience more joy in each day, this talk is for you. Join us and find natural, no cost ways to improve the quality of your life now.

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