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Boosting Immunity to Fight COVID (online program)

Fight COVID-19! Yes, it’s possible to boost your immune system with natural solutions for your core health.

Take this 3-session online program with an experienced Nurse Practitioner! Click here to find out more info about Karen Radtke‘s experience and certifications.

Trust a health professional to help you get healthy and strong.

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COVID-19 is here to stay. And so are other nasty, infectious diseases. We have all been deeply affected by this pandemic, and we are in this together.

Our traditional medical system doesn’t have the answers. There is very little dialog about boosting the immune system, and what we can do to empower ourselves.

Whether or not you get the virus, or other colds and virulent cases of flu that are circulating around, it’s the health of our immune system that determines how effectively each of us fights them off.

I offer individual telehealth health coaching sessions to help assess your immune system and offer natural solutions to optimize your core health.

Individuals with underlying chronic conditions will benefit from multiple sessions.

In addition to the 3-session coaching package, your initial 20-minute phone consult is FREE.

The first coaching session is $69, and the following sessions are $59/session. Click here to book your free 20-minute consultation with Karen Radtke, Nurse Practitioner.

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