Book -> God Winks and Miracles Happen: a story of love, faith, and hope


This is a true story.  I lived it, ate it, breathed it, and survived it.  This book is a way to remember the
situations, scenarios, and memories of the events that occurred.  While I got to witness the events, my husband lives with a new normal every day.  He was the patient.  Now he is the “poster patient” for his surgeons to teach their methods and medical techniques around the world, so others have a chance of surviving as well.

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I truly hope to inspire you to believe there are happy endings.  It takes an enormous amount of courage, love, faith, hope, and belief to survive a health crisis as we did.

This book is available via paperback and Kindle on  Click this link to purchase it there.  It is a perfect fireside or beach side read.  Post a review once you’ve read it.

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