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BodyTalk encourages your body in its natural ability to strengthen and heal.  BodyTalk addresses physical and emotional issues to reestablish communication in the body, promote well-being, and heal.

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Our bodies have the natural ability to stay healthy and balanced (innate wisdom).  This communication within the body can be disturbed by stress, thoughts, and exposure to environmental factors.  BodyTalk moves past just finding symptoms and attempting to eliminate or relieve those symptoms. It is a way to connect with the body’s innate wisdom to really explore the priority for your body.  BodyTalk assists your body in its natural ability to strengthen and improve one’s health.  Address physical and emotional issues that are current in your day to day life, and also past events that may still be affecting your body’s ability to stay well.

Finding the Formula

The body’s innate wisdom is responsible for all parts of your bodymind working in synchronicity. This is the clear communication between cells, within cells, and also among all the other tissues, organs, meridians, chakras, etc., for your body to be able to function at its optimal health. Using the BodyTalk Protocol and Procedures, the formula that is the body’s priority is established through neuromuscular feedback (muscle checking).  Gentle tapping is used to integrate the formula into your body so you can process it through all of your systems and cells.  

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Addiction / Detox, Allergies, Anxiety, Chakra Imbalance, Chronic Conditions, Circulation/Lymphatic, Co-Dependency, Communication, Confidence, Depression, Digestion, Fear / Panic, Feeling Stuck, Grief, Headaches, Hormones, Immune System, Mental Health, Mind / Body Connection, Natural Remedies, Pain, Pediatrics / Kids, Relationships, Self-Care, Stress, Women's Reproductive Issues, Worry

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