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From Grief to Gratitude with Essential Oils

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When you are stuck in grief and cannot move forward, the Aroma Freedom Technique is a simple process designed to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be. If you may feel stuck, confused or hopeless about ever moving forward this process can be very impactful in moving through grief and towards more gratitude for all that has occurred in your life.

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During an Aroma Freedom Technique session you set a goal or intention that you feel is not possible and then identify the negative emotions, memories and thoughts connected to, in this case grief. Then you use specific essential oils (will be provided for you as part of this coaching program) to help your brain work through and let go of the negative thoughts through a process called amygdala switching. Since our sense of smell is our most primal sense, our amygdala can be greatly affected by introducing certain oils as we bring up those negative emotions and thoughts. Participants leave the session with gratitude, a clear intention and a plan for next steps.

The essential oils needed will be provided to you as a part of this coaching program.

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Anxiety, Emotional Energy Release, Feeling Stuck, Goal Setting, Inner Child Work, Intention Setting, Personal Transformation, Relationships, Self-Care, Self-Esteem, Transitions

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