Akashic Records Reading – 30 minutes


Gain a fresh perspective on your SuperPowers and gifts. Discover where you come from in the cosmos. Understand how these factors have influenced your life and how to use them to make things immediately better.

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Your Akashic Record holds the journey of your soul from the beginning. All of your soul’s choices, interactions, past lives and everything in between, are stored in the energy of the Akasha, the primary Universal substance. Through detailed understanding of this information you can learn about You!  Uncover your Divine skills and how to leverage these abilities to manifest the life you want and deserve. Knowing your soul’s journey includes where you initially experienced the realm of 3D.  Want to know which planet you originally hail from and how it has shaped you?

The influence of your soul level energy and your soul group define who you are at the deepest levels. When you see these talents and opportunities through a fresh perspective you will find that you are perfect just as you are. You will clearly see that what makes you different makes you special as well. With this foundation of personal understanding you can begin to free yourself from the judgements and programming woven into your physical experience.

As a practitioner and reader, I am focused on providing you with practical, actionable information that improves you life from the first moment. The knowledge will be relevant and resonant because it is your journey.  It is all about You!  All sessions are recorded and provided for you.

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