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Acupressure and/or Reiki Package

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Use your points for in-person acupressure or Reiki with Emily Wright!

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Package of Acupressure or Reiki Sessions – In Person (Poynette, WI)
Choose a package that is right for you:

  • (3) 1-hour sessions Plus (1) 30-minute session
  • (7) 1-hour sessions Plus (1) 30-minute session

Benefits of Acupressure & Reiki
– Promotes Deep Relaxation
– Relieves Stress & Anxiety
– Eases Muscle Tension, Headaches, and Pain
– Supports Sleep and Reduces Insomnia
– Reduces PMS Symptoms
– Calms Nausea and Digestion Issues (Acupressure)
– Energizes & Balances the Whole Body
– Strengthens the Immune System
– Promotes Faster Recovery Times from Injury or Illness

When you schedule your session with me; it will have three main parts.
1) Connection through conversation – be seen, heard, and acknowledged
2) Connection through touch – With Acupressure, pressure points are gently held in a series of combinations. With Reiki, hand placements promote comfort, peace, and human connection
3) Stress Reduction, Relaxation & Balance – energy flow promotes the balancing and calming of your nervous system; allowing you to fully exhale and let go

Common symptoms or issues that clients share when they reach out for a reiki session.

  • Mentally and emotionally: issues sleeping, trouble concentrating, irritability, overwhelmed, burnt out, sad, angry, resentment, or emotionally numb.
  • Physically: headaches, backaches, digestion issues, neck & shoulder pain.
  • It could have just happened, or you have been dealing with it for a long time.

What happens when I am on the treatment table?
Once on the treatment table, you will remain fully clothed and lay on your back. From there, you have a few options to select from. The table can be heated or no heat, and you can have a blanket if you choose. I will offer you a warm towel with aromatherapy under your neck, to be calming, invigorating, or grounding. The last option, one of the client favorites, is a warm towel foot wrap to help ease into relaxation. It’s all your choice.

I will then start the session by lightly guiding you to relax by a mini-meditation.
– Reiki: I will hold a number of different hand positions on your body, with very light touch. I will raise my hands above your body in some locations, but mostly will have a gentle touch. You may feel warmth from my hands, coolness, tingling, or nothing at all. No matter what you feel, or don’t feel – it’s all good.

– Acupressure: I will then hold different pressure points on your body (using my fingertips) in a series of combinations based upon the “protocol/recipe” that we determine would be best for that day. The points will be both on top of and under your body and I will move you as needed; you just get to relax. The pressure is gentle yet firm, and it shouldn’t hurt. The pressure points might be tender, but there shouldn’t be pain. If it hurts – you say so….and we adjust. Again, you are in charge.

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Anxiety, Breath Work, Chakra Imbalance, Circulation/Lymphatic, Colds / Flu, Digestion, Emotional Energy Release, Emotions, Empowerment, Energy Work, Feeling Stuck, Finding Wellness Path, Finding Yourself, Focus, Grief, Headaches, Immune System, Injury, Inspiration, Life Balance, Life Purpose, Meditation, Migraine, Mind / Body Connection, Mindfulness, Mood, Motivation, Natural Remedies, Pain, Relaxation, Resilience, Self-Care, Self-Esteem, Somatic Awareness, Spirituality, Stress, Tension, Worry

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