ABC’s of Empowered Living: Activate Your Power

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This program is for those who feel that life keeps happening to them and they don’t have any control over the direction and events that occur. They may be feeling full of doubt, worry, confusion and frustration in one or many areas of their life.

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This program is for those who feel that life keeps happening to them and they don’t have any control over the direction and events that occur. They may be feeling full of doubt, worry, confusion and frustration in one or many areas of their life. Perhaps you know the feeling that other people take control of your life and choices, and you aren’t sure how to get your own control back.  Learning to be empowered removes those feelings of being helpless and uncertain. Becoming more empowered is as easy as ABC when you learn the 3 step process in this series.

This program focuses on helping the participant:
~ Get clear on what is keeping you stuck in the same lifestyle, habits and results day after day
~ Learn and apply 3 simple tools to activate your power to change what isn’t working in your life
~ Receive encouragement and support to keep your progress growing. Growth happens when we are held accountable and know that someone is there rooting for us.
~ Experience living a life that brings you more joy and meaning that goes beyond what you are thinking or planning.

This 8-week program consists of a 60-90 minute session each week, with empowerment coach, Mary Dravis-Parrish, one on one. Each week will focus on the steps to take to build a strong foundation for empowering your life to become more of what you would like it to be. Mary will offer not only her expertise in empowerment but also her support, encouragement, skills and individual ideas for growth as well as practices that can be easily applied. All that you need to bring to this program is the desire to live a more empowered life and willing to take the steps to create it.

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Abundance, Accountability, Anger, Changing Habits, Communication, Doubt, Emotions, Empowerment, Feeling Stuck, Finding Yourself, Fulfillment, Inspiration, Joy, Life Purpose, Mindfulness, Motivation, Parenting, Relationships, Self-Care, Self-Esteem, Self-Sabotage, Worry

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Emotions/Counseling, Life Tools/Misc

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50 Points

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2 months, Add 1 month

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POINTS FOR THIS PROGRAM: 50 points per month



FORMAT:  Individual 1:1 coaching sessions

INDIVIDUAL 1:1 COACHING: Weekly coaching sessions






Mary Dravis-Parrish, Author of Empowered Parents Empowering Kids, knows firsthand the value of learning how to lead an empowered life, as she overcame the suicide death of her teenage son. Mary struggled with the desire to find joy, love and meaning in her life and in her quest, she found valuable keys and strategies that have led her to become a teacher, speaker, radio host and author on being able to love herself and live a more empowered life.  Through her programs and coaching, she shares with others the value of overcoming the patterns and limitations of doubt, guilt, fear, resentment, and frustration, and how to replace those with increased joy, love, and gratitude that allows one to create a fulfilling and meaningful life.

 She also knows very well the struggles in raising today‘s children. She takes great joy in helping parents and kids become more aware of the dynamic possibilities that family life offers beyond the traditional approaches that often do not empower both parent and child. Her “out of the box” strategies have been proven to be affective as parents around the world have applied them to become more of the parent, they truly were meant to be raising children that are free to soar and be themselves in today’s world.

Meet and learn more about Mary at Follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Read her book Empowered Parents Empowering Kids. Listen to her podcasts BeYouParenting.



I really enjoyed this course. The flow was easy and fun to follow. The way things were introduced helped me to build on what I had learned the prior time. Now I have the tools to acknowledge what I have done. I feel that I am successful, more confident and accomplished.

I am working to get better at acknowledging my partner for his assistance and support.  After he took the course, I can acknowledge that he is acknowledging me more also. This helps me to remind myself of my value when I can’t seem to see it.

The course also helped me to recognize my own judgement when it comes up. I realize that asking questions creates more possibilities. I can ask a question and it feels like tying a knot to hold on. Then, more options present themselves and I do not feel so helpless nor constricted.  It helps to moves the energy.

This training is an excellent reminder of what we already know but forgot.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
– ReVaH Loring, ABQ NM

The ABCs for Empowered Living brought me to a place I knew could exist, but I thought could only be attained after years of formal training. Mary presents the content in an understandable way that invited me to want to try these new techniques. Implementing the ABCs into my life approach has given me a completely different perspective of what life can be and how to do it.  This program taught me to use high level reasoning in a way that is amazingly fun & easy. Before the program, I had a lot of doubts and uncertainty.  After the program I felt empowered. Feeling this way therefore helped me to empower others in my life as well. My confidence level has increased and I’m stepping into my own special authenticity. I’m also allowing others to develop their own brand of authenticity which looks quite different than mine. I have learned to ask potent questions to myself the moment life presents challenges. This has allowed me to avoid anger, and instead create greater understanding. I’ve put my materials in a binder and have hung the helpful questions and the ABC process on the refrigerator which allows me to effortlessly return to these tools and reinforce my knowledge practically each and every day.  This is a class that provides something different that works. The best part is that I will be able to use the ABC skills for a lifetime. 
– Amanda Finch, Fort Collins, Colorado

Before I knew there was a course, ABCs for Empowered Living, I had no idea this information was available. The course was excellent, I have been awakened to new questions to ask and choices that I can make in our lives that will benefit us all as a family. We have been using the tools that we were given daily to utilize them fully. After taking the course I have been more aware and present, and we have opened more communication between our family unit by acknowledgement, curiosity, and choice. We plan on using these techniques throughout our lives. I highly recommend this course to make life easier. Thank you so much for these tools Mary!
-Reuben P, NM, USA.

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