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VIP Full Detox (6 + 6 VIP Sessions)

Experience this VIP Comprehensive Wellness Package:

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Best Value for Detoxification
This is the best way to treat your overworked mind and overloaded body. Spend two hours with us for six sessions (to be used at your discretion) and watch what happens! It doesn’t matter if you are new to “cleansing” or have been helping your body for years; a Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonic) and Foot Detox treatment is essential if you are serious about eliminating excess toxins.

Comprehensive Detoxification of the Liver
The liver is considered our “gatekeeper” when it comes to allowing specific toxins to be released. The Ion Foot Detox helps the skin, lymphatic system, lungs, kidneys, liver, and colon to allow toxins to be released from the hands or feet. During the second hour, the Colonic is beneficial for eliminating “stuck” waste from the colon. A happy, healthy, clean interior will show on the exterior. We are here to help you have a better understanding of the inner-workings of your body and help you connect with your body like never before.

The Sound Vibration session is an incredible healing experience that will enable you to de-stress and raise your vibration. Melt away the anxiety and worry, feel a sense of deep-seated peace that is similar to an after-meditation glow!

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Your mind and body will Thank You!

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