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Procedures Manual


  • Account number
    • All enrollees will have an account code that looks like this: xxxxx-xxxx-xxx.  It represents client number – sales team number – sales director number.
  • Client Payments and Points Assignment
    • Individuals
      • Clients will be set up on automatic payments through our system.
      • For those with the DO IT option, points will be placed in their membership account upon successful processing of their payment each cycle.
    • Workplace
      • Employers are invoiced monthly/quarterly on the 10th of the month prior to each month.
      • Invoice is due by the 25th of each month.
      • On the first of the following month, DO IT points will be placed in the employees membership accounts.
  • Unused Points upon Termination
    • Individual / Association or Chamber
      • When a member on our individual/association plan terminates their membership, 1/2 of the value of unused points will be returned to them.
    • Workplace
      • When an employee terminates employment or decides to cancel their membership in our plan, the value of unused points will be distributed as follows:
        • You Define Wellness will retain $50 for administrative costs.
        • 1/2 of the remaining value will be returned to the employer, it is up to the employer to determine if they will send this balance to the employee.
        • 1/2 of the remaining value will be donated to a non-profit healing partner in the community; the employer has the right to designate their favorite charity.
  • When you have been inactive for one (1) month your accounts will stay with your team leader but may be reassigned to another team member to ensure our clients have the highest level of service and support.
    • Inactivity is defined as failure to attend team meetings, no activity in the You Define Wellness CRM, and/or no contact with your team leader for one (1) month.
    • You will be notified prior to any reassignment taking place to identify your intention.
    • When an account is reassigned, you will continue to earn commissions for as long as your contract has not been terminated on existing business at the time of reassignment only.
    • All commissions for new enrollees will be paid to the newly assigned team member and management team.


  • No customization on plan options
  • Fully customizable
    • Reduce your commission in order to reduce the price
    • Employer can offer multiple plans, even multiple customized plans
    • Plan design
  • Customizable
    • Percent of non-dues revenue to organization (i.e. commission)
    • Commission percent
    • Discount for their members to join our provider network
    • Plan design



We have created numerous platforms or aligned with other organizations to create leads for our sales team.  Please use them with care and discretion.  They are not intended for overt salesy behavior, nor is that allowed; instead, they are in place to build relationships and set get-acquainted meetings.


Goal: To create the largest repository of workplace wellness programs.


  • Health & wellness professionals to showcase/promote their offerings for the workplace.
  • Corporate decision makers searching for wellness programs for the workplace.


Goal:  A place to bring together stakeholders for discussions on how to create healthier and more thriving workplace environments.


  • All stakeholders: decision makers, influencers, employees, and health/wellness professionals


You Define Wellness’ Role: We are the personal development and wellbeing partner for this group created by The YOU Brand.


  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • A number of independent health & wellness professionals belong to this group.

HRHotseat is a mastermind community created by Erich Kurschat for human resources professionals. You can join any chapter (free) and attend their events. You'll have an opportunity to learn about the pains HR professionals experience; put your LinkedIn URL into the chat box and connect with many before the meeting is over! We recommend joining the founding group in Chicago.

Your Holistic Academy was founded by John Donnelly from Ireland. His networking events for health & wellness professionals are attended by MANY from all over the world. You'll experience small group breakout rooms where you'll get to meet 3-10 people plus have an opportunity to put your contact information in the chat box.

  • Marketing materials are provided by You Define Wellness (see below, click picture for download.  Customization with your contact info is available upon request.)
    • Printing costs of all marketing materials are the team member’s responsibility.  For special events such as conferences, discuss with your team leader the possibility of cost-sharing.
  • You may create your own marketing materials; submit to You Define Wellness for compliance accuracy and approval.
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Procedures Manual July 20, 2022