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Challenge – Create a 3-point Bucket List 

Take out paper & pen and write down everything you’ve always wanted to do in your lifetime (i.e. – your ‘bucket list’).  Let the ideas free-flow and nothing is out of bounds.  If you can think it, write it down.

Now, select three items that are manageable and you either have the resources to achieve it or can obtain the resources. 

  • What can you do TODAY as a first step?
  • Will you take that step?  

Enter to win:

YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EXTRA ENTRY IN OUR GRAND PRIZE DRAWING for an Individual Wellbeing Assessment plus 1-hr one-on-one coaching session.  Retail value $140.

This prize will be awarded to one person per month drawn from all entries received and/or completed for this activity.

Note from You Define Wellness: We listened as thousands of individuals shared with us the reasons that stop them from engaging in healthy living activities.  Frustration, not knowing where to start or who to get help from, time, money, and more.  This is what prompted us to create an individual wellbeing assessment and we offer it with a one-on-one coaching session with one of our certified Wellness PathFinders.  This is a unique, one-of-a-kind program designed with two important people in mind at all times: the person receiving care, and the care giver.


  • You must have attended a #WellnessWednesday Lunch Bunch to enter for this prize.
  • Complete the form below.  Entries will be accepted from the launch of the game until it closes.
    • You can enter more than once per month, but only once per #WellnessWednesday Lunch Bunch topic.

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