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Rita Shimniok, owner of Purely Living Wellness, LLC
Offering bio-energetic testing and lifestyle consulting.

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Give yourself a lymphatic massage during your next shower to help remove waste and toxins stored in the body.

For detailed information on how to perform a lymphatic massage, visit this page.

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Cleavers – Galium aparine 2 oz. herbal tincture to support lymphatic system health.  Retail value $16.50.

Note from the provider: “As an entrepreneur and a single mom my schedule is pretty full. I found I was not diligent in weekly drybrushing, but by incorporating lymphatic stimulation into my shower it simply meant being mindful of the direction I am washing. I learned this technique while taking a course from a holistic doctor in the UK. The scalp massage and neck release technique are my favorite part of the process.  It definitely helps to stimulate flow and assists with elimination.”

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