PATHS: Provider Sign Up

We are going to kick off 2021 by having some fun!  In anticipation of the launch of our new employee benefit program, PATHWAYS: a multi-dimensional Wellness @ Work option, we created a downloadable BINGO-style game for the workplace… but we are ALSO going to launch an online version (of sorts) for the general public!

The game is called PATHS!

PATHS is a community game focusing on wellness! Just like in BINGO, we’ll draw a letter/number each day corresponding to our game card and, when we do, the public can enter to win that day’s prize! Unlike BINGO, we’ll all be playing off the same ‘card’.  When we achieve the selected winning format for the month, we’ll declare BINGO! and award all the remaining prizes to participants during that month.

Here’s where it helps you get business exposure…

As a You Define Wellness network provider, you can ‘adopt’ a square on the card for a one-time $25 set-up fee, and $5 for each subsequent month you participate.  If you want to set up a second activity – either to have two OR to make substantial changes – there is a $15 set-up fee.  You’ll set the activity, provide a door prize, and we’ll link the activity to a special page just for you.  This page can be customized to meet your preferences.

  • If your square (activity) is not selected, you will automatically be rolled over to the next game – with not changes to your offer – at no charge.
  • Make sure you read the fine print about fees on the form below.  We believe we’re being more than fair, but there are a few things you should know.

PLEASE NOTE: Of course we won't charge you for minor changes you need made to your paid-for activity. For minor changes (typos, editing, etc.), contact us directly.

When your square is randomly selected, you’ll receive bonus visibility on all our social media platforms!

Jump over to the main game page and check it out.  Make sure you click on the yellow or green square on the game card; it will take you over to a sample provider activity page.


  • You must be a You Define Wellness network provider;
  • Your ‘store’ on our website must be set up;
  • Share the game on your social media to help generate excitement (especially when we tag you!); and,
  • Provide a door prize valued at $20 or more (if you already offer a free consultation, that would not be considered of value).


Hey, we know this is new and you may have questions. To help you complete the form, we're showing examples from one we've already set up. If you still have questions, contact us.

We will not publish your email address; asking for it is simply for internal use to quickly communicate with you. On your activity page, we will post your name, business name, and hyperlink to your You Define Wellness store (which is why it must be set up!). We probably already have your logo in our files.

The activity title is what will go in the Bingo square and must fit on TWO lines.

The activity description will help guide the participant in the activity.

Describe the door prize you're offering.

Do you wish to provide a commentary or instructions?

NOTE: We have the ability to send a confirmation e-mail to all who enter to win your prize. If you would like to customize an email with a special offer, please contact us. This is special request that will not automatically be done.

PATHS: Provider Sign Up December 16, 2020