PATHS: Paramount Wellness


Erika Schultz, owner of Paramount Wellness
Live Well. Be Well.  Designed clinical nutrition, herbal medicine & acupuncture.

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Add protein to your breakfast

Challenge: Every day for the next 5 days, eat at least 2 grams of protein at breakfast to reduce sugar cravings. 2 grams is approx. the size of your palm.

Enter to win:

Guided Nutrition Coaching Session (30-min).  Retail value $65.

Note from the provider: “The Guided Nutrition Coaching Session supports you in making lasting dietary changes and improving your wellness.”


  • You will have 48 hours to complete the form below when this square is drawn and turns YELLOW.  When the square turns BLUE, the drawing is closed.
  • Entries received before or after the square turns yellow will not be counted in the drawing.
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PATHS: Paramount Wellness

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