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Natalie Forest, owner of Natalie Forest International
Natalie is at your side as you transform your life and that of others, ready to live authentically and vibrantly. 

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Take a Nature Bath!

Challenge: Spend 15 minutes every day in nature, best in the woods if possible. Spending time in the woods is called “Shinrin Yoku.”

Developed by the Japanese in the 1980s, Shinrin Yoku is based on findings that when walking in the woods our bodies absorb the etheric oils from trees. Of course, this means being focused on the woods, paying attention to oneself and nature, nothing else. This decreases our stress, our immune system is strengthened and even our blood pressure and blood sugar level regulate themselves.

On a larger scale biologist, medical doctors and healers have found plentiful evidence that being around nature in general, absorbing the smells and senses of plants, hearing the wind, and more can impact our immune system positively, particularly in regards to cancer-like illnesses and of course, heart dis-eases. The influence of nature has the power to put our bodies at ease again.

Thus the task is to spend 15 minutes in nature, no electronics with you or on you. You pay close attention to all of nature around you and take breaths of life. The breath of live means you breathe in and focus on the breath entering your body and how it feels. You don’t have to take deep breaths, just breathe in and out while communing with nature.


Enter to win:

One-on-one session with Natalie via Zoom or phone.  Retail value $200.

  • This is a 30-min one-on-one session to dive deeper into the connection with Nature and the benefits, coupled with The Breath of Life exercise, and designing a 90 day plan to ensure nature and breathing are a part of every day that fit YOUR schedule and lifestyle.

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