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Tracy Frank, owner of Jade Lemonaid
Jade Lemonaid offers natural solutions through essential oils to living a balanced life.

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Let go of stress with Aroma Reset Technique

Think of a current situation that feels overwhelming, frustrating or confusing and get a clear picture of that it in your head.

  • Find one word that describes how you feel when you picture the situation.
  • Locate where you feel this emotion in your body.
  • Identify the negative thought connected to the feeling.
  • Smell an essential oil such as lavender or frankincense or a natural scent such as a fresh cut lemon, lime or orange.
  • Breathe in the smell and notice any shifts in your feelings around this situation.

Hopefully you feel some release and are able to go about your day in a more relaxed and calm way.

Enter to win:

2ml bottle of the Frankincense, Lavender and Stress-Away essential oil blend plus a booklet detailing the Aroma Reset Process.  Retail value $15.

Note from the provider: “I use this process daily to let go of situations as they arise. It helps me to stop ruminating on that which I can not control. When I use this process I have more peace in my day.”

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