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Tracy Frank, owner of Jade Lemonaid
Jade Lemonaid offers natural solutions through essential oils to living a balanced life.

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Toss out your toxins!

Step One: Go to one of your cupboards where you keep detergents, cleaners, soaps.

Step Two: Choose one product that has toxins you want to no longer add into your home and life.

Step Three: Research the ingredients if you would like and then research a natural replacement. Any mainstream household product is likely full of toxins.  Example: Bleach is a know neurotoxin, find and purchase a bleach alternative that is cleaner such as hydrogen peroxide.

Step Four: Throw out the toxic cleaner (or find a way to dispose of safely).  

Enter to win:

Thieves Household Cleaner. This highly concentrated cleaner can replace almost all other cleaners and products in your house. Just one capful can make a full bottle of all purpose cleaner making it both better for your health and highly affordable. Retail value $32.

Note from the provider: “See photo for recipes for dilution! We have replaced 100% of our cleaners with Thieves products and couldn’t be happier with the results and benefits!”