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Denise O’Malley, the Healthy Living Maestro at You Define Wellness
You won’t find any services offered by Denise, just her thoughts, opinions, and vision in creating and putting You Define Wellness into the world.

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Take a 24-hour hiatus from social media or gaming

Can you go 24-hours without being on social media (or gaming)?

Your challenge is to turn it off – for 24 hours. Find something else to do: play a board game with family, write a letter, clean a closet, go for a walk.

It’s only 24 hours.  Can you do it?

Enter to win:

The Healthy Living Savings Card by You Define Wellness.  Retail value $99.

Note from the provider: “We created the Healthy Living Savings Card as a response to consumers asking for a tool they can use to receive discounts on products & services to live a happy, healthy & thriving life. It is one of our proudest achievements to date!”


  • You will have 48 hours to complete the form below when this square is drawn and turns YELLOW.  When the square turns BLUE, the drawing is closed.
  • Entries received before or after the square turns yellow will not be counted in the drawing.
  • GET BONUS ENTRIES (we’ll make sure you get the extra entries):
    • Take a selfie video of doing the activity and post on the You Define Wellness Facebook page.
    • Share the post you create above on your personal timeline along with comments about the experience.


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