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Heather Rutkowski, owner of Emotional Resolution KC
Emotional Resolution addresses and permanently clears emotional difficulties that are keeping you from living your full life. Do you suffer from claustrophobia or have anxiety while driving? Do you feel anxiety on a regular basis or just don’t feel like you are as happy as you want to feel? Do you feel shy around others, or deal with anger? These emotional difficulties can be addressed and permanently resolved.

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Take a 5-10 minute Five Senses Break

Take a moment for this quick meditation. This meditation is all about connecting with your five senses. Your five senses are connected to your memories and emotions. Doing this quick break can calm your body and mind, and make you more connected to your environment around you.
-Get comfortable in your chair, and dive into this Five Senses reset.

First, start by taking a look around. Notice the colors in your room. Notice the different objects around you. Take a moment to appreciate those items around you. Also, see the different textures of objects around you.

Reach out and feel something near you, anything works. Take this time to close your eyes. What is the texture of this object? Is it smooth, rough, soft, or something else?

Feel your body in your chair. Feel the pressure against the parts of your body touching your chair.

Now, what do you smell? What do you taste in your mouth? Just allow to come to you what comes.

And now lastly, notice the sounds around you.

Just take some time to sit with all of this together. Be with your five senses and allow the calm to wash over you.

Enter to win:

Free One-on-One Class: Introduction to Self-Emotional Resolution Class.  Retail value $180.

  • In this class, you will learn how to resolve emotional difficulties in the moment they are active in your body.
  • Self-Emotional Resolution connects you to the origin of a stressful emotion through your physical sensations. These physical sensations provide a road map back to origin of this disruptive emotion. By learning to just observe these sensations from a safe and current place, the brain can integrate and allow the body’s natural capacity to update this obsolete emotional pattern.
  • The results are immediate, and permanent. Self-Emotional Resolution will allow you to live free from the heaviness of emotional burdens. Even intense emotions can be addressed without having to revisit the past trauma. The stress and emotions you feel in your day to day life stem from these past traumas. You do not have to revisit the original trauma to see success.

Note from the provider: “1 Hour Online meeting that can be Zoomed from anywhere.
Includes a 30 Minute follow-up.”

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