A world where alternative, complementary, and holistic health care options sit side-by-side with employer sponsored medical plans.

We are manifesting that vision, and we invite you to join us.

Everyone is a LIFETIME Provider with us!

One joining fee; no monthly or annual renewal fee!*

*Unless you choose the monthly installment option

You Define Wellness is a premiere network of health and wellness professionals who have applied to join our network and passed our background investigation.

By virtue of having a network, we are able to deliver an employer-subsidized benefit program for employees of companies to access the alternative, complementary, and holistic wellness services of choice… while YOU receive full retail rates!  This program is called the EMPLOYEE WELLNESS BENEFIT PLAN.

Having a network also empowers us to do much more!  Individuals, retirees, and the self-employed can benefit from what we’ve created by purchasing a HEALTHY LIVING SAVINGS CARD giving them discounts with many of the same network providers along with savings on health and wellness products.

We are an inter-connected NETWORK of passionate healers with lots of bells and whistles to add to your success!


Fee to Join


Frequency of network fee

One time; unless opting to pay in installments

Excluded products


NOTE: To maintain the integrity of our directory, we are restricting MLM products or similar sales structures; there are very few exceptions to this policy.  If you are unsure if you are eligible, please contact us prior to submitting an application.  If you apply to join, and are ineligible, your payment less our PayPal processing fees will be returned to you.

Payment option

Pay one-time fee of $500 with application or select 12-month installment option.

INSTALLMENT OPTION: You will be charged a $49 due diligence fee at time of application and invoiced $41.67 monthly for the next 12 months.  Should you fail to pay a monthly invoice, your profile will be deactivated and funds received held on account for future activation.  Discount codes, when available, may not be used with the installment option.

Qualifications to Join

  • All services must be legal under federal law;
  • Licensed and in good standing according to applicable and relevant state regulations and licensure requirements to perform your services;
  • Pass our due diligence investigation including criminal background check;
  • Must be authorized to set rates including discounts if applicable;
  • Not a Multi-Level Marketing company;
  • If a franchise, owner must be a wellness practitioner;
  • Office or public meeting place outside of your home or client’s home (not applicable to telephone or internet sessions) – Note: this is out of concern for your safety and is open to discussion;
  • Acceptance of the plan reimbursement as outlined in Provider Participation Agreement for specified services rendered.
Participating Provider for our Employee Wellness Benefit Plan!

Earn up to your normal retail rate when you see clients on our employee benefit plan (services ONLY, not available for product sales).

Accept the Healthy Living Savings Card

Offer a discount to clients when presented with the Healthy Living Savings Card AND have a 2nd provider profile!  Twice the opportunity to be seen! Participation is optional if eligible.

Worksite Wellness Education Catalog for Employers, Community Groups, Property Management Tenants

Share your expertise at the workplace by listing classes and topics you create in our education catalog!  Participation is optional.

Be part of our Holistic Healing Crisis Support Team!

When crisis hits in our community, we have the network to be of service!  We can bring in counselors, psychotherapists, massage therapists, energy healers, acupuncturists and more… and do it quickly with one simple email to our network.

If you have questions or would like to talk, CONTACT US!

Learn more about being a provider on the plans we sell!