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Our Universe has Grown… how to join it has too!

by Denise O’Malley, Founder of You Define Wellness
August 13, 2021

Five and one-half years ago if you had told me the future and described the You Define Wellness of today… I would not have believed you.

I did not believe myself capable of creating an organization with so much community, with immeasurable depth in what we’re delivering to the world, and with so much passion and support for manifesting change.

Fact is, I didn’t build it alone… WE did it collectively.

Our vision in the beginning was to simply create an employee benefit plan for healthy living centered around a network of independent health and wellness professionals.  That’s how we wrote our original contracts with providers, set the one-time appointment fee, and built our products.

Along the way, through the years, we evolved.  We became far more than what we set out to be.

Health & wellness professionals joining our network said, “What if we did this….” or “Have you thought of doing…”  If their suggestions made good business sense we added them, after all we were creating something that never existed before so why not?  Some ideas worked, some did not but through each we grew and developed.

Our investors and network providers alike started saying, “A one-time fee to join of $497 is too cheap for what You Define Wellness delivers, you need a monthly membership fee.”

I balked at this idea for a very long time, mostly because I couldn’t envision it… yet.  We weren’t ready… yet.

But we are now.  We’ve grown, we’ve thrived, we’ve survived all the ups and downs, the market turns, the changes in appetite for what we’re delivering… and we’re ready to take the next step.


As of today, we’re phasing in a monthly/annual membership fee to join You Define Wellness with two membership levels: Network Member and Network Member+.

  • To view the entire comparison of benefits, FAQs and more, or to sign up click here.
  • All those who joined us on the one-time fee will become LIFETIME Network Members without a monthly/annual fee and can upgrade to Member+if they desire – for $40 p/mo or $400 p/yr.

As I mentioned, we’re phasing in this new structure.  For a limited time, those who are interested in joining our network have a choice between the old LIFETIME level with a one-time fee of $497 OR the new Network Member levels.

  • The opportunity to become a LIFETIME provider with You Define Wellness absolutely ends on 8/31/2021!  To take advantage of this offer, click here.

2022… and beyond

With all the marketing and promotion we’ve been doing for Transitions 2021 happening August 26-28, 2021, MANY health & wellness speakers have contacted me about becoming a speaker.  The events we host are to provide business exposure opportunities for those who are in our network; rarely do we ever step outside of our network to find speakers when we have the quality and expertise in-house!

In 2022, we plan to host 3 online WellFAIRS/TALKS/WORKSHOP events and will start planning our February 2022 event – including selecting speakers – N-E-X-T month (September)!  If you want to be considered as a presenter, you MUST be in our network when we start our planning as spots fill up very fast!

Also on the horizon for our Network Members/Members+ are regional, in-person events with the same structure!

We’ll be working with Network Members+ to create and launch online monthly wellness shows; we currently have two we do every month and we are looking for our Network Members+ to add to our lineup.


My personal goal has always been to turn the keys of You Define Wellness over to a worthy candidate on February 11, 2022… the 10-year anniversary of my sobriety and a milestone day for me.  That’s not going to happen as the pandemic derailed my plans and I’m okay with it.  

Instead I’ve picked a new date to ‘retire’ and launch our Holistic Crisis Support Team – and for now I’m keeping that date secret – so it’s full speed ahead.

And, if you know anything about me, “full speed ahead” is Mach 10.

Are you ready to join us?  If you want to schedule time to talk with me – this is a chat, not a hard sales pitch – please get on my calendar. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.