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Our network providers are experts in helping people live happy, healthy & thriving lives. We hope you will enjoy their words of wisdom. Our attorney wants us to share this: You Define Wellness is simply a conduit between the consumer and the practitioner, and it is the consumer's responsibility to gauge all advice as appropriate for their own wellbeing. You Define Wellness provides this information as a courtesy to the public only.

How BEMER’s PEMF Therapy Recharges Your System

Everyone wants to achieve the best health possible, and sometimes that means recharging your electrical system. Here’s how PEMF therapy helps you to do that.

When we talk about electricity, we’re usually referring to the movement of an energy charge or the potential for one. There are countless electrical power sources in the world, such as hydro, nuclear, solar, and wind, all of which we harness daily to power our lifestyles. But there’s another energy source, one we find inside the human body, which is necessary for optimal wellness. This human electrical energy is generated by the different electrical charges in the oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon elements we carry.

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Walking the Rope Bridge of Grief

Peggy Green - Thee Grief Specialist

by Peggy Green of Thee Grief Specialist

When my son died, I had no idea how I was going to survive, how I was going to make it through the day, let alone the next month or years to come. I remember that pain and fear so vividly. It was horrible. I was moving through life as if I were a robot. I was numb yet still felt the deep sadness and anguish. 

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What is Angelic Reiki?

Angelic Reiki is not simply a high vibrational healing modality, but an integral tool for expanding awareness and the mastery of your own life. This course is a great tool for anyone that wants to experience life at a higher vibration and to bring in the Divine. It is not just for healers. These attunements will expand your ability to hold Light within your physical body.

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What Are the Akashic Records?

Is there a library with endless file cabinets that hold all the information for the Akashic Records? Can anyone access the Records?

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Are You Ready to Discover Your Spiritual Gifts?

Everyone has spiritual gifts that they identified. It could be foresight, gut instinct, and/or a deep knowing of people, places, and things in their life. Are you recognizing the messages and synchronicities that are happening all around you? These gifts can provide you guidance, clarity, and direction for your life.

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12 Steps to Freedom: Step 5 Accountable

Accountable. Is it a word you like or not? Come learn and get the tool of the month too.

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The Danger of Before/After

You are not a before–here’s how to let go of the before/after diet ideal

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How Do You Choose Your Wellness Professionals?

It can be arduous and confusing to pick a wellness provider–here’s some tips to consider!

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How to Keep your Wellness Program from Failing

by Denise O’Malley, founder of You Define Wellness

Last week I heard this from a Human Resources professional, “We tried a wellness program with our staff.  It didn’t work.”

This wasn’t the first time I’ve heard this statement or some variation of it and it begs the question…

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Social/Belonging Dimension of Well Being

Featuring Dena Adams of Seek Defeat Design, LLC

Dena Adams, owner of Seek Defeat Design in Fort Collins, CO is our guest as we discuss the importance of Social/Belonging in the Dimensions of Well Being.

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