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LIFE LESSONS: Finding myself after alcohol

by Denise O’Malley, founder and Healthy Living Maestro of You Define Wellness

Nine years ago today, four days before my 50th birthday, I took my last drink of alcohol. Days later as I sat in a room and shared my story, one guy said, “Damn, I’d have waited until after my birthday to quit.”
When it’s time, it’s time… and it was way past time for me.
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Ashes to Ashes

by Peggy Green of Thee Grief Specialist

We all have heard the phrase “Ashes to Ashes” but what does it truly mean. It means everything that has life will one day come to an end.

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Colorado Colonics Detox Center Walkthrough Video


We invite you to visit our center… virtually!
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Reenergize in Difficult Times

by Peggy Green of Thee Grief Specialist

“I can’t get out of bed”, “I can barely get ready for work” “I am overwhelmed by day to day tasks”, “I don’t care if I shower, wash my hair or brush my teeth”.

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SOY: Helps to Fight Cancer

By Rhonda Bolich-Lampo with The WELLthy People

Contrary to popular belief soy is a health builder not destroyer…. 

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10 Simple Ways to Transform your Brain Health

By Melinda Luke of Brain Body Matters

There are many great ways to
boost your brain health. Here
are some of the top picks…

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3 Lessons about Employee Benefits Learned during the Pandemic

by Denise O’Malley, the Healthy Living Maestro at You Define Wellness

When it feels like life is throwing mud balls at me, I always step back to consider what positive lessons I can learn from the experience.  The pandemic that started in 2020 has gifted us with three important messages about life planning.

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The Legend of the Poinsettia

by Lorrie Scott of Green Village Biofertilizers
The Poinsettia has always been a part of my Christmas tradition.  I was researching care of the Poinsettia plant 
when I came across a few facts.  I am wondering, did you know this?
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Stimulate Your Lymph Nodes! (Part 1)

by Rita Shimniok of Purely Living Wellness, LLC

A functioning lymph system is key in helping the body detoxify from free-radicals. When lymph nodes become stagnant or fail to drain, they become tender to the touch. This article helps you learn a technique that can be incorporated into your shower routine.

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Post-Traumatic Growth in Fibromyalgia with Dr. Robin Pfaff

by Dr. Robin Pfaff, owner of Flourishing with Fibromyalgia Wellness Coaching

Nearly everyone with fibromyalgia has had some sort of trauma in their past. Mental or physical abuse, car accident, illness, the death of someone close to you, chronic stress, and more are all considered trauma.

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