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Snoring Help

Snoring issues in the household are something that a lot of families deal with. But you don’t have to.

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CPAP and your Life

Do you like breathing? Do you sleep with a CPAP? Though there is people that enjoy sleeping with a mask on, and it is keeping them alive, but wouldn’t you rather not have to worry about it falling off in the night, or forgetting it on a trip? Getting your breathing under control is our goal, and getting people off the CPAP is our mission. 

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Anxiety and Breathing

Do you have anxiety? Do you have panic attacks? By doing different breathing techniques you can reduce the time and amount of attacks you have. 

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10 Keys to Family Happiness

Happy baby

What parent doesn’t want to have a happy family? And yet, how often are we truly happy? What does it take to be happy in today’s world when there are so many things that can bring on stress and worry? Here are 10 Keys that can add to the happiness of parents who want to empower their kids to be happy.

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Parenting Your Inner Child

When parents react to situations, often it is their own inner child who is reacting and taking control. Learning to identify our inner child and it’s needs can bring about resolutions to old childhood issues. How different would your parenting be if you didn’t allow your inner child to control you?

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Kyphosis Posture Due to Heavy Computer Use by Anne Asher, CPT, and Founder of Posturally, LLC

If working at your computer negatively affects your posture, all is not lost. There are things you can do to restore good alignment.  You first need to understand what you’re working on. Here’s my take along with some starter moves for improving upper back, neck and shoulder posture. Reprinted from the Posturally blog.

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