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Utilizing our foundation of healthy living experts, we’re constantly exploring new ways to support the community adding to our already robust offerings.  If you have an idea or suggestion of a tool we can create to better support you, contact us!

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New Page added for Brochures!

We like to think our website IS our brochure... but sometimes you just want or need more.

Check out our new page exclusively for our written marketing materials... and talk to us about customization packages for insurance agents, corporate influencers, and network providers.


NOW AVAILABLE! Dimensions of Well Being: a journal to build a life in harmony

Are you living life on a flat tire? You know what we're talking about... you're rolling smoothly along when - WHAM! - something just isn't working quite right. It may be that a dimension of well being is out of balance in your life!

Learn about the many dimensions of wellbeing in this journal by Denise O'Malley, founder of You Define Wellness with original inspirational quotes and advice from twenty-two health & wellness professionals in the You Define Wellness network.


Join our Facebook Group: WellFAIRS / TALKS / WORKSHOPS

This group is for people who embrace healthy living and the professionals who support them. Discover wellness events, group discussions and more.

This Facebook page has been set up by You Define Wellness but is not limited to posts from our vetted health & wellness professionals... all are welcome to post, comment and add events.

Workplace Wellness


Wellness Committees

Private label wellness education for your company, tenants, or association!

Do you find delivering wellness programs for your people a challenge with social distancing and work from home?

Is finding speakers time-consuming for you or your staff?

Talk to us about our newest offering: private label wellness education! We'll use your logo and colors, and even include a custom video or message from you.


Health & Wellness Professionals

Discover the Benefits of Being in our Provider Network

Whether you're currently a provider in our network or wanting to learn more about joining us, this video is for you!


Join our Facebook Group: Health & Wellness Course Creators

E-Learning is projected to be a $325 BILLION market by the year 2025 according to 'Research and Markets' forecast. If you're a health & wellness professional, isn't that something you want a part of?

The intention behind this group is to support one another, provide feedback on courses you create, and help you be accountable for your goals with drop-in work sessions.

This private Facebook group is sponsored by You Define Wellness, an international network of independent health & wellness professionals. You don't have to be part of our network to join this group as we welcome ALL!

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