Many people create vision boards to define their goals – and they’re kind of cool to hang on your wall – but they are limited by the words and pictures you find in the magazines accessible to you. A manifestation board takes the concept of a vision board and elevates it to a new level allowing you to ALSO illustrate that which brings you joy and feeds your soul!

I want to explain the POWER of the manifestation board for a moment.  Just like a vision board, the Manifestation Board is based on the Law of Attraction.  A simple way to describe this is what your mind focuses on becomes reality; this is true for both positive and negative thoughts. If you create a vision board with pictures of a sandy beach because you want to take a vacation in Tahiti, it absolutely can manifest. HOWEVER, you may find sitting on a beach is not what brings you true happiness or fulfillment.

The manifestation board brings in to the Law what you need for mind, body and spirit… a truer, more complete path to personal and professional fulfillment. The manifestation board is divided into four quadrants each representing a different aspect of need and in a specific order of creation: the manifestation, the spirit, the mind, and the body.

In the examples shown in the following units, I set up the board on using a 7x5in template and adding lines and boxes; you can use pictures from magazines, create your own art, or download a blank template below.

Download the Manifestation Board template


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