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The History of the Manifestation Board

Many years ago I was emerging from a very dark period of my life and I found myself searching for my IT… my purpose in life.  

I was familiar with vision boards, in fact the walls of my office were plastered with vision boards from previous years… all of which did not define me nor move me closer to my goals. Truth is I had no idea WHAT my goals were. So I set out on a journey to discover what I wanted to accomplish in my life and found myself drawing a crude version of today’s manifestation board by compartmentalizing – or organizing – my thoughts.

My original board had the future me in the center box and I began visualizing what my life would be like when that future me was a reality.  From there I started laying out what I needed to get to my goal in the three areas of mind, body and spirit… and what I already possessed.

This was a journey that wasn’t easy, nor should it be if you want to achieve your goals.

The end result was a new type of vision board that I could look at daily, add to it as needed, and subtract that which no longer was relevant.  It was a WORKING vision board and something miraculous happened over the course of time: every. single. thing on my manifestation board came to be! I’ve created many manifestation boards over the years for both big and small goals… and once again everything manifested itself in my life.

There are no guarantees that you’ll have the same results, but you’ll never know until you try.