Mission and Values

You Define Wellness is the d/b/a of O’Malley & Associates, LLC, a Colorado company.  You Define Wellness is not insurance nor a replacement for medical insurance.

Mission Statement

The Mission of You Define Wellness is:

  1. Create an inclusive community of independent health and wellness professionals of all modalities providing them support, business exposure, and collaboration; and,
  2. Empower individuals to lead happy, healthy & thriving lives by helping them discover their personal path to wellbeing through education and affordable access to services of choice.

Values Statement

At You Define Wellness, we value:

  • An individual’s pursuit of self-care and wellbeing.
  • An individual’s right to seek the care they need, want, and desire free of discrimination or judgement.
  • The passion of health & wellness professionals who, at great risk, choose to become entrepreneurs and self-employed sharing their expertise, beliefs, and values with the public.

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