Healthy Living Membership Plan

Live a happy, healthy & thriving life with the Healthy Living & Wellbeing plan from You Define Wellness!

Wellbeing is not a destination, it's a life-long journey... and one where you typically have to find your own way.

WE'RE YOUR GPS!! With the Healthy Living & Wellbeing plan by You Define Wellness, you don't have to walk the path of wellbeing alone; our vetted independent health & wellness professionals are here to guide and support you through education, goal setting, and access to the services, coaching and products that you need!

There are three stages to the process of change and we use them as the foundations of our membership plan: Learning, Planning and Doing.

With our plan, you can select one, two or all three stages of change process for your membership level!

Process of Change Components

Learn IT

(Base plan)

The first step in manifesting change is education... you must LEARN new concepts, strategies, thoughts and options in wellbeing.

We deliver education via monthly live events, Master Classes, and a members-only library of recordings from the experts in our network.

BONUS: As a special bonus for our members, we'll include a never-expiring Healthy Living Savings Card to receive discounts on services, coaching and products through our providers in our network who accept it!


Your membership will renew automatically each month/year until you cancel unless otherwise specified as a one-time transaction.

Are you an employer?

Add a benefit program your employees will THANK YOU for!

When offering benefits to employees, the BEST kind is the one that takes all the work off your shoulders, and the Healthy Living & Wellbeing plan by You Define Wellness does that!

Whether the program you select is 100% voluntary or if you decide to contribute, the experts at You Define Wellness will help guide your employees to living happier, healthier and more thriving lives... and employees who thrive help boost your bottom line profits through fewer sick days, less stress, and clients who enjoy working with your people!

Our programs are fully customizable and you can even add onsite or virtual education and even wellness fairs for your staff!

Contact us for a custom proposal for your workplace!

Network Provider FAQs about Business Exposure Opportunities

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Are you a provider in our network and looking for opportunities to speak and share your expertise with Healthy Living members?

Check out the FAQ page to learn more about our events and opportunities for each of the three member levels!

Healthy Living Membership Plan May 24, 2022

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