New Provider Payment Option

Can I make payments to join as a provider?


Yes, but there are guidelines:

1.  No discount code applies as making payments increases our administrative costs (skip ‘Step One – Payment Portal’ and go straight to ‘Step Two – Complete the Application’).

2.  You will be invoiced by O’Malley & Associates LLC (our legal business name) for the one time appointment fee in effect at the time you submit your application.

a.        The invoice will allow you to pay the amount you wish.

3.  A new invoice will be generated – as a reminder – on the 1st and 15th of each month.

4.  You can reduce your one-time appointment fee by $100 for every wellness practitioner you refer to us that joins our plan, indicates you referred them, and they pay the one-time appointment fee.

5.  In the event any clients redeem a YDW session with you prior to your balance being paid in full, your YDW reimbursement ($60) will be applied to your balance.

6.  You can have up to six months from your application date to pay your balance.

7. Failure to pay the entire balance at the end of six months may mean discontinuance as a plan provider; all funds paid to date will be non-refundable.

New Provider Payment Option March 1, 2017